Barry M O’Meara & Son Solicitors have a reputation of openness, warmth and client attention, with an emphasis on unrivalled knowledge and professionalism. We have a modern and efficient approach to the practice of law and we are committed to making ourselves available for personal consultation, advice and assistance whenever required.

Our expertise includes all the key disciplines of public, private and corporate law and is continually developing. We are confident that we will be able to assist you with any advice you may require.

Our systems, standards and efficiency have been awarded the Q6000 Legal Quality Standard from the Institute of Legal Research & Standards. The Q6000 is an advanced practice, risk and quality management standard awarded by the Institute of Legal Research & Standards to solicitors’ firms which have demonstrated exceptional levels of client, practice and risk management. The Q6000 Standard provides assurance to clients that their firm not just observes but exceeds best practice standards. Firms with the Q6000 accreditation have been independently audited and rank among the highest quality law firms in Ireland. We have achieved an overall Gold Standard in client and file management, regulatory compliance and claim management and in addition, we have implemented advanced procedures in the areas of practice management, systems management and financial management.