We provide licensing services for a number of local hotels, publicans, restaurants, clubs, wholesalers, theatres, gaming and lottery providers, arts organisations and festivals.

We can assist you with any of your licensing needs. Our approach is focused on a providing clear and efficient service working closely with you to meet any relevant Local Authority, Fire Officer, Garda or Security requirements.

Our full suite of services includes application, renewal or advice regarding the following licences;

  • Exemptions, Extensions and Occasional Licences
  • Hotel Licences
  • Retailer Licences
  • Wholesale Licences
  • Special Restaurant Licences
  • Bookmaker’s Licences
  • Amusement Licences
  • Gaming Licences

The above is not an exclusive list. Should your requirements extend beyond this, please contact us by phone or e-mail to arrange an appointment.